1947 Chrysler Town and Country Sedan
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1947 Chrysler Town and Country Sedan

A Town & Country 'Barrel-Back Woodie Wagon' was manufactured for 1941 and 1942 only. The 'Town & Country' name is credited to Paul Hafer, of the Boyertown Body Works. Hafer drew sketches of wood-bodied wagons, and said, "The front end looked 'town' and the rear looked 'country' so I thought it natural."

Due to World War II, production of the Town & Country was halted in December, 1941.

Following the war, the new wave of Town & Country woodies were produced in much larger numbers as coupes, convertibles, and sedans. The final Town & Country woodie models were produced only as 2-door
hardtops only for the last year.

This was Chrysler's top-of-the-line vehicle and the pinnacle of postwar glamour. Produced from 1946 through 1950, the car was based on the New Yorker chassis and built in limited numbers due to its complexity and high exterior maintenance requirements. The wooden parts came from Pekin Wood Products of Helena, Arkansas, and were shipped to the Chrysler Jefferson Street Plant in Detroit for final assembly.

Engine: 250.6 cu. in. In-Line 6 Cyl. L-Head
H.P.: 114 at 3600 RPM
Ser #: 71002450; Model C-38 Body # 3439
Wheelbase: 121.5” Weight: 3955 lbs.
Cost: $ 2,860.00 + Accessories
Completed: Nov 24, 1947 (with larger ’48 wheels 
                 and larger rear fender openings)
Wood: Arkansas White Ash and Honduran Mahogany
Rarity: 106 Known to Exist Today
Awards: Palo Alto Concours 06/00 - George S Paddleford Trophy
            Wine Country Concours 09/00  - Presidents Award, 
            Car Collector Magazine  -  Featured 12/93
Owners: - Clara Austin, Cheyenne, WY (first owner)
            - Dan Green, Cheyenne, WY ,
            - Veteran Car Museum, Denver CO
            - Abe Pearlmutter, Northglenn, CO
            - Archie Jordan, Golden, CO
            - George Glotzbach, Lutheville,  MD 
            - Malcolm Bober, - Al Hodsdon
            - Phil Jones, Kentfield CA ‘96-’02
            - Otis Chandler, CA - Vintage Museum, ‘02-’06