1938 Alvis Speed 25 Cross & Ellis Touring
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1938 Alvis Speed 25 Cross & Ellis Touring

Alvis manufactured cars in Great Britain from 1920 until 1967 and never officially imported their products to the United States.

The Speed 25 Alvis was produced from August of 1936 to 1940 with 391 examples constructed. 39 were given Tourer bodies. The Speed 25 were basically upgraded versions of the 3.5-liter Model and resting on a shortened 126-inch wheelbase. These light bodied cars were able to achieve the 100 mph mark. This is one of 39 Tourer Speed 25 Models constructed. Of those, only seven, including this car, were fitted with the upgraded SC series engine.

Coachwork: Cross and Ellis
Engine: 3573 cc (218 cu. in.)
Horsepower: 106
Transmission: 4-speed
Weight: 3969 lbs
Wheelbase: 126”
Production: Only 39 Speed 25 Touring Produced
Awards: Pebble Beach 1999—Display
Prior Owners: - Jack K. Bond, London, England  - to mid 50s
                    - Ballard J Cooper Jr.,  Sandston, VA. 50s to ‘75
                    - John Grotz, Wallingford, PA – 1975 to 1979
                    - James G. Hammers, San Jose, CA 1979 to 2007