1904 George N. Pierce Arrow
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1904 George N. Pierce Arrow

The forerunner of Pierce-Arrow was established in 1865 as Heinz, Pierce and Munschauer. The company was best known for its household items, and especially its delicate, gilded birdcages. In 1872, George N. Pierce bought out the other two, switching the name to George N. Pierce Company and in 1896, bicycles were added to the product range. A failed attempt to build a steam-powered car was made in 1900 with license from Overman, but by 1901 Pierce built its first single-cylinder two-speed (no reverse) Moterette with the engine licensed from de Dion. In 1904, a two cylinder Pierce built engine was made, and the car was named the Arrow.

Engine: 116 cu. in. 15 HP Two Cyl. T-head  
Bore And Stroke: 3-15/16 X 4-3/4
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual   
Wheelbase: 81”
Serial Number: 868
Production: 125 Produced in 1903-1904
                      One of Two Remaining
Awards: First in Class Kirkland 
               Concours d’Elegance 2006
               Pebble Beach Display 2010
               London to Brighton - Successful Finish 2011
Previous Owners:
               - Harrah Collection
               - Rodney Flournoy
               - Carl J. Schmitt
               (Restored By Alan Schmidt)