1915 Stutz Bearcat
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1915 Stutz Bearcat

In 1897, Harry C. Stutz built his first car. The Stutz Company, based in Indianapolis,
Indiana, introduced its first production vehicle in 1911. The vehicle, after only five
months of design and build, was immediately entered in the inaugural Indianapolis 500
mile race where it captured an 11th place finish. Their slogan was 'The car that made
good in one day'.  It had averaged about 68 mph and was only beaten by vehicles with
engines much larger than its own.

In 1912 the Stutz Bearcats proved their potential by winning 25 out of the 30 races in
which they were entered. Stutz will be forever remembered for their Bearcat model, a
vehicle produced until 1925. This pure-bred race car had an aggressive and masculine
stance; the interior was void of luxury and amenities.

The Stutz Company stayed in business until 1935 when it was forced out of
business due to the Great Depression.

Engine: 390 cu. in. 8 Valve 4 Cyl. 
Horsepower: 50 @ 1500 RPM
Transmission: 3-Speed
Wheelbase: 120”  
Weight: 2941 lbs.
Base Price: $2000
Top Speed: 75 MPH
Vin #: 4F2658
Engine #: AI 1006
Rarity: One of Approx. 12 original
          Bearcats  (prior to 1916)
Awards: 2005 Meadow Brook Hall Concours,
            Magnificent Brass Cars
            2011 Ironstone Concours,
            Best In Class — Best in Show
Owned by: - Willis Boyd - CA
                - James Bradley - OK
                - John O'Quinn - TX