1911 Rambler Model 65
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1911 Rambler Model 65
The Rambler Company 1897-1913
Already a major force in American bicycle manufacturing prior to the 20th century, in 1897, Thomas Jeffery turned his attention to the burgeoning automotive industry. The new cars were displayed at the Chicago andNew York Auto Shows of 1900, borrowing the Rambler name from the family bicycle company. In 1904, the company relocated from Chicago to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where they pioneered assembly-line procedures and took annual production to almost 4,000 units, thereby establishing the Rambler name among the leading automotive manufacturers.

By 1905 and 1906 the Rambler Company was in third place in terms of sales. They remained in the top ten throughout the decade.

By the end of the decade, the Rambler became known as one of the most luxuriouscars built in America and recognized by the slogan “The Comfort of the Parlor and the Speed of the Express Train.”

In 1910, Thomas Jeffery died of a heart attack and in 1914, Charles Jeffery, changed the company name to “Jeffery” and the respected Rambler name wasno more.

After nearly escaping death when the Lusitania sank, Charles acquired a new outlook on life and chose to retire. The company was sold in 1916 to Charles Nash. (The Nash Company revived the Rambler name in 1950)

In 1911 The Model 65 was one of the most luxurious cars you could buy.

Engine: 431 cu.in. 4 Cyl.
Engine #: 930
Serial #: 26689
Horsepower: 45
Transmission: 3-Speed
Wheelbase: 125”
Base Price: $3,050 in 1911
Rarity: Only Original Surviving Model 65
Owners: Known Ownership From New:
S.N. Johnson, Laredo, TX 1911-63 First Owner
Coca-Cola/Budwiser Distributor in storage 50+ Yrs.
Karl Binner, West TX 1963-1995
Clyde Stevens, Farmington UT 1995-2005
Ray Gibson, Turlock CA 2005-2010
(restoration completed in 2008)
Rick Eagen, Evergreen CO 2010-2012


Pebble Beach - Third in class 2008
Saratoga Springs Invitational Concours, Best in Show 2011