1912 Pierce-Arrow 48SS 7 Pass Touring
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1912 Pierce-Arrow 48SS 7 Pass Touring

Pierce Arrow began manufacturing automobiles in Buffalo, New York in 1901. Prior to building automobiles, the parent company, Heintz, Pierce and Munson, was engaged in the manufacturing of bird cages, ice-boxes, bicycles, and other household goods.

The first Pierce-Arrow automobile was a single cylinder vehicle that developed three horsepower and a top speed of twenty miles per hour. In 1904 Pierce-Arrow built its first four cylinder car and in 1907 introduced its first six-cylinder model. By 1911, Pierce Arrow was building only six-cylinder models ranging from 36 to 66 horsepower.

The Model 48 touring car was Pierce-Arrow's best selling model and features a cast-aluminum body that is held together by rivets. The fenders are stamped aluminum. The six-cylinder 525 cu. in. engine produced 48 horsepower and was mounted on a 134.5 inch chassis. It was one of seven body styles produced on the Model 48 chassis. The average price for a seven passenger Tourer would set the buyer back nearly $6000. The car was controlled by a four-speed sliding gear transmission and had rear wheel brakes.

Every President from William Howard Taft through Franklin Delano Roosevelt rode in a Pierce-Arrow. Many famous movie stars preferred the Pierce-Arrow, such as Mary Pickford, Tom Mix, and Gloria Swanson.

Engine: 525 cu. in. T-Head 6 Cyl.
Horsepower: 48
Transmission: 4-Speed
Weight: 4675 lbs
Wheelbase: 134-1/2”
Production: 830 Model 48s in 1912 
Base Price: $4850 - $6000 F.O.B. Buffalo
Owners: - Phil Hill early 70's
            - Douglas Rich, CA
            - Bill Ziering, CA
            - Doc Lawrence, CA Ex HCCA Pres
            - Don Meyer, NJ
            - Jim Grundy, PA (Grundy Ins.)
Awards: - Pebble Beach Display 2010