1952 Allard J2X
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1952 Allard J2X

In 1929 Sydney Herbert Allard began working in the Adlards Motors garage, an official Ford dealer, preparing racers for international motor racing. His Allard Specials quickly proved their potential and Allards reputation began to build.  During World War II, the Allard Motor Company repaired military vehicles. Though their duties kept them very busy, Allard still found time to design and build sports cars.

In 1936 the first Allard Special, referred to as the CLK5, had been created using Ford products. It sat atop a Ford 40 chassis, outfitted with a Ford flat-head V8 engine, and given a Bugatti Type 51 body. This Allard Special was a formidable opponent on the racing circuit. This success translated a production version of the Special. Prior to World War II, a few Specials were created that were powered by the Ford V8 or a Lincoln V12. The Specials continued to be highly competitive, though produced in limited numbers.

After World War II, Allard introduced the J1. Under the hood was a 3.6 liter Ford V8 engine matted to a three-speed manual gearbox. The J1 carried a full body with removable wings which could be replaced with cycle fenders, leaving the J1 prepared for road and track. In total there were twelve examples of the J1 produced.

The J1 was quickly followed by the K1, a two-seater sports car. Produced in larger quantities, the K1 was profitable and provided means in which to continue their race car creations.

The next iteration of the Allard race cars was the J2, introduced in 1950 and designed similar to its J1 sibling. The engine was moved further back putting extra weight on the rear tires, a design Allard continued to favor. The Ford side-valve V8 was the engine of choice however a variety of engines were used including Cadillac's pushrod V8 and Chrysler's HEMI.

A year later the J2X was introduced which was nearly identical to the J2 but had its engine moved forward providing more cockpit room. The J2X Le Mans and JR were enclosed bodies and the final iteration of the J2 racer.

Sydney Allard's greatest appearance came in 1950 when he and Tom Cole drove a J2, powered by a Cadillac engine, to a first in class victory and third overall finish at the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans race. This was truly an impressive accomplishment and a testament to the abilities of the automobile. The Allard J1, J2, and J2X racers have dominated racing on many continents and continue to provide stiff competition in modern Historic sporting events.

 In 1959 Allard was forced to cease production due to financial difficulty and rising competition from other marquees. A total of 1908 Allards had been constructed.

This Car:
1952 Allard J2X
   Engine: 331 CID OHV Cadillac V8
   Six Stromberg 97 Carburetors
   H.P.: 255
   Transmission: 3-Speed Manual  
   Weight: Approx. 2400 lbs.    
   Wheelbase: 100” Overall length 155”
   Original Price: $3,480.00
   Body #:  3062  Titled as J2X3062
   Rarity:   One of only 83 J2X Allards built from 1951 to
                 1953 with approximately 61 still existing.
   Awards: Grand National Roadster Show, Jnnuary 2012
                  (Second in Class, Foreign Sports Car)
   Prior Owners: First sold in June 1952 in New York,
                         -  Owners unknown until,
                         -  1969 to 2014 Alan Beall
                         -  2014 to 2016 Chuck Spielman