1920 Stutz Bearcat Model H
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1920 Stutz Bearcat Model H

The Stutz company was an American based company that began production in 1911, making a name for itself by building sports car.

In 1914, Stutz built a vehicle named the Series E Bearcat, a vehicle that would be highly successful on the race track and produce recognition for the company. The success of the vehicle was in part to a team of gentleman racing drivers named the White Squadron. This duo of car and team had much success on the American racing scene, winning the National American Racing Championship witha first and third place finish.

The Bearcats were powered by engines produced by the Wisconsin Company; engine size and output varied. The most common were the 4-cylinder, bi-block, 6837 cc engine that was capable of producing 60 horsepower. The top speed was about 80 mph making it highly competitive for its time. The transverse gearbox system was mounted with the rear axle.

The last Bearcat rolled out of the factory in 1924.

Engine: 361 cu. in. 16 Valve 4 Cyl. 
Horsepower: 80
Transmission: 3-Speed
Wheelbase: 120”  
Weight: 3000 lbs.
Base Price: $3500
Owners: - Raymond Katzell
              co-author “The Splendid Stutz”
            - Brian White, Raleigh, NC
Awards:  AACA Senior First Place 2004
Rarity:   One of only 6 original 1920
            Bearcats & one of 26 original
            Post 1915 Bearcats (‘16 to ‘23)